Thursday, 18 December 2008

Swag Bag

Back on the party tip this week. A mix that celebrates the production genius that is Chris Duckenfield. Over the last 13 year's Chris has produced some of the best British house music under many guises, the most famous of which is probably Swag.

As a bit of a bonus I've chucked in a couple of tracks that I first heard him play out during his many funk fueled DJ sessions including a latin acid workout from Su Paka Pooh and a fine Tech Jazz remix of Inner Cities Good Life by Thomas Schumacher.

All of the tracks featured in this mix can be purchased at


Swag - Where I Belong (Boogie Dub)
Swag - Music Box
Su Paka Pooh - Theme de YoYo
Kaori - Good Life
Swag - Where I Belong (Basement Dub)
Swag - I Need a Freak
Swag - Drill Bit (Jimpster Mix)
Half Inch Jack - Filthy Cow
Sean Dimitrie - So Hot (Swag Mix)
Numb Digits - Change Position
Swag - Eighty Five
Lonesome Echo Productions - Spirit of Drums
Swag - Where I Belong (Ewan Pearson Mix)

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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Stoned Evenings

In absence of a proper new mix here's a couple I put together last year for Stone Islands 30th anniversary at London's Soho House. It's a properly chilled selection, perfect for an evenings relaxation after a heavy dose of footy shenanigans.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Heights of Abraham - Soul Electric

Thanks for all the great feedback on the Radiohead mix. I'm working on another one at the moment which I'll upload in a few weeks time.

For the moment though I've put together a bit of a 'Winter Warmer' by a band that have been criminally overlooked for the last 16 years or so. Perfect music for these dank Winter evenings - best consumed with a glass of red and a bunch of Jamaica's finest.

If you like what you hear, check out their back catalog on iTunes

As ever stream the mix with the player or download the 320k MP3.

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