Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Jamie Principle - Waiting On My Angel

Apologies for my silence of late; a combination of increased workload and and other general complications has kept me away from any studio projects for the last 12 weeks or so, but hopefully things are back on track.

This edit is a very late submission to the DJ History Trax re-edit/remix project (many thanks to Mr Brewster for his patience). It was Jamie Principles first release back in 1985 on Persona records which saw a re-release on Trax in 2000. It's a simple slice and dice affair, no overdubs or such like but hopefully an apt take on the arrangement for current dancefloors.

Also of note, the Pocket Angel/Find A Way 12" was finally released a week or so ago (on Autodiscoteque) and has been getting support from the likes of Ashley Beedle, Laurent Garnier, Horse Meat Disco, Popular Peoples Front, Pete Herbert, Red Rack’em, OOFT, Downtown Party Network, Marius Vaareid. So if you haven't picked it up yet it's available at these fine record stores amongst others:



Jamie Principle - Waiting On My Angel (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble