Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dr John & The Night Trippers - I Walk On Gilded Splinters

The third edit in the '12 edits of Xmas' series takes a step away from the dance floor and into outer space! Highly recommended for post club listening on the car journey home whilst the chemical influences are still flowing through the veins...  :)

And the obligatory gig listings spam for the Xmas and NY period.  :)

Thursday 22nd Dec - Little Tree House @ The BIg Chill Bar (Kings Cross)
details @

Friday 23rd Dec - Big In Japan @ The Book Club (Shoreditch) with Pete Herbert & Leo Zero
details @

NYE - Queen Of Hoxton with Maurice Fulton, Psychemagik, Yam Who! & loads more
details @

NYE - FYB presents BOOMPT! A more intimate alternative with kings of the Ibiza soiree FYB
details @

Dr John & The Night Trippers - I Walk On Gilded Splinters (LW Edit) by Leftside Wobble

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

DD Sound - Burning Love

Day two and edit two of the '12 edits of Xmas' series and this ones a pure guilty pleasure perfect for the festive season.

A lot of people are familiar with the Glossy edit from a few years back but for me the 1977 original is a far funkier affair and just needed a little trim here and there to tame some of it's cheesier elements.

Enjoy.  x

Plus the usual gig spam for the Xmas and NY period.  :)

Thursday 22nd Dec - Little Tree House @ The BIg Chill Bar (Kings Cross)
details @

Friday 23rd Dec - Big In Japan @ The Book Club (Shoreditch) with Pete Herbert & Leo Zero
details @

NYE - Queen Of Hoxton with Maurice Fulton, Psychemagik, Yam Who! & loads more
details @

NYE - FYB presents BOOMPT! A more intimate alternative with kings of the Ibiza soiree FYB
details @

D.D. Sound - Burning Love (LW Edit) by Leftside Wobble

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Jablonski - Soul Makossa

Part one in the '12 edits of Christmas' series. Between now and January 6th I'll be uploading 12 fave edits that join the dot's between dub, funk, disco & house.

I came across what is probably my favourite version of Soul Makossa a few years back on a great compilation called 'Out On A Funky Trip' which catalogued a number of great funk and soul tracks that came out of the legendary Randy's Studio in Jamaica at a time when Kingston's reggae scene was being heavily influenced by the funk revolution coming out of the US. Killer version, killer compilation; definitely hunt down a copy, you won't be disappointed.

Loads to talk about gig-wise over Xmas and NY:

Thursday 22nd Dec - Little Tree House @ The BIg Chill Bar (Kings Cross)
details @

Friday 23rd Dec - Big In Japan @ The Book Club (Shoreditch) with Pete Herbert & Leo Zero
details @

NYE - Queen Of Hoxton with Maurice Fulton, Psychemagik, Yam Who! & loads more
details @

NYE - FYB presents BOOMPT! A more intimate alternative with kings of the Ibiza soiree FYB
details @

Jablonski - Soul Makossa (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bass Bin (LW Remix)

Pulled an all nighter the other night in the studio and happened to have the Bug In The Bass Bin stems to hand. 12 hours later I was severely lacking in sleep but got myself an exclusive to play tonight at the Sancho Panza / Leftside Wobble Xmas party. :)

Hope you like. x

And one last reminder about Saturday's party: tickets info, and all that jazz from -

Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bass Bin (Leftside Wobble Remix) by Leftside Wobble

Monday, 5 December 2011

Baubles Xmas Party Promo Mix

It's been a while since I last uploaded a DJ mix so here goes with just over 2hrs of genre hopping grooves to get you in the mood for Saturdays party with the Sancho Panza crew. Brilliant line-up including Geddes of Mulletover fame, Sophie LLoyd who's a regular feature at Jade Jagger's Jezebel parties, Matt Brown & Jimmy K-Tel from Sancho Panza and myself.

Four stacks of Funktion One, old school projections and the same fine venue we used at Carnival. It's basically a warehouse party in a pub! Further info and tickets at

Hopefully see some of you on the dance floor. x


The Chemical Brothers - Battle Scars (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Mix)
Munga - Freak (Munga's Back In The Jungle Mix)
Elitechnique - Munich Emotions
Boogie Corporation - 94 Slices
Escort - Karawane (Leftside Wobble Mix)
Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way (Ewan Pearson Disco Version)
Johnwaynes - Brotha
Katzuma - Life In The City
Actual Proof - Huff & Puff
Pulp Disco & The Outcasts - Overnight To Dusseldorf (Kommune #2 Dub)
Proviant Audio - Take Me Back (Brennan Green Mix)
Brian Ferry - Alphaville (Todd Terje Mix)
Duckbeats - I Really Do Beleive
Midnight Magic - Drop Me Line
The Cruising - Funky Western
Soho 808 - Reach
KRL - There Is Nothing You Can Teach Me
Ralph Myers - Something New (Doc L Junior Dub)
Blunted Funk Project - Get Next To Me
Hugh Pascal - Absence March
Psychemagik - Feelin' Love

Baubles Xmas Party Promo Mix - by Leftside Wobble

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Friday, 25 November 2011

SummerTearz - Leftside Wobble Mix

A teaser of a forthcoming Little Dragon remix. It may get tweaked slightly but I've been road testing this stripped back Chicago influenced version and it always gets a huge response so thought I'd preview it here.

And a little reminder of those forthcoming parties. If you're in London on December 10th I'm hosting another party with the legendary Sancho Panza crew at The Regent in West London, further info at

And a little closer to home I'm playing alongside the kings of Balearic, the Project Club's Steve Lee & Graham Fisher at Big In Japan tonight (Friday 25th November) @ The Book Club in Shoreditch. Always a complete roadblock, this should also be a rather special evening - further details @

SummerTearz - Leftside Wobble Remix by Leftside Wobble

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Karawane (Leftside Wobble Mix)

Last week the New York disco ensemble Escort released their debut album on Tirk Recordings to wide acclaim. In support of the album launch I've put together an exclusive remix of the closing track on the album and given it a fierce tribal disco rework. More info on Escort and a free download can be found at

If you're in London on December 10th I'm hosting another party with the legendary Sancho Panza crew at The Regent in West London, further info at

And a little closer to home I'm playing alongside the kings of Balearic, the Project Club's Steve Lee & Graham Fisher at Big In Japan this Friday @ The Book Club in Shoreditch. Always a complete roadblock, this should also be a rather special evening - further details @

Almost forgot to add that Elisco gets it's digital release tomorrow and something not many people know is that as well as making fab tunes with Lou Teti , Jkriv is also the bass player in Escort so it really would have been sinful of me to forget! You can get it exclusively from Juno Download -

Escort - Karawane (Leftside Wobble Mix) by Leftside Wobble

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Jhelisa - Friendly Pressure (Free Download)

To celebrate the release of my Bill Withers edit on vinyl, I'm making my edit of Jhelisa's 'Friendly Pressure' available as a free download (freshly remixed and mastered too!).

The Bill Withers edit is one of the most popular things I've put up on Soundcloud and has been getting support from a quality selection of DJ's including Laurent Garnier, Dimitri From Paris, Horse Meat Disco, Pete Herbert, The Unabombers, 6th Borough Project, Jazzanova, Dicky Trisco, Onur Engin; the list goes on...

Not officially released until next monday an early batch has appeared in Juno on a cryptically named single sided 12" simple called 'We Love Bill'. Go grab it whilst you can -

And if you're in Belgium this weekend, I'm playing at Charlatan in Gent on Friday night and at KVS in Brussels on Saturday.

Enjoy. x Friendly Pressure (Leftside Wobble Edit) Final by Leftside Wobble

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Monday, 17 October 2011

Man Friday - Love Honey

A return to a classic for this edit but using a less familiar unreleased demo mix as the basis. 'Love Honey, Love Heartache' is most definitely one of my favourite Larry Levan productions and the demo version for me is best. This edit re-arranges, teases and heightens the raw electronic funk of the original, whilst hopefully staying true to the spirit of Larry Levan's vision.

A quick mention for the 12" of JKriv & Lou Teti's gem 'Elisco' which includes my remix and has been available for a few days at Juno (where it's already in the top 10 of the disco chart) and today has become more widely available at places such as Piccadilly Records. The twelve includes the original mix as well as other cracking remixes by Alphabet City & Sleazy McQueen. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, grab it while you can as it's a very limited run.

Man Friday - Love Honey (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Roots Manoeurvred

Probably not for everyone, this ones a deep dubby acid thing made up from the parts I used on my recent Odyssey remix. Not sure if ISM will put this out as they haven't heard it as yet but I'm sure they'll be up for it.

If you're in London this Friday a special night should be in store at Big In Japan @ The Book Club where I'm playing alongside the mighty Softrocks. Hopefully see some of you on the dance floor.

Roots Manoeuvred by Leftside Wobble

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Elisco (Leftside Wobble Remix)

Sorry for the recent absence. I managed to start September with a prolonged stay in the hospital due to an unidentified disco injury! Anyway all systems are go again and to kick things off here's a remix for Deep&Disco Recordings for their forthcoming release by Jkriv & Lou Teti (other mixes will be coming from emerging super talent Blacklodge & Sleazy McQueen who furthers his culturally-confused funked-up house sound!).
Quick thanks out to everybody who came to our Carnival after party, another epic evening and a definite highlight of the year. And to the fine folks of Butter Side Up in Leeds who managed to aid my recovery with a super fine evening of frolics and good times - check the pics, class party: . If you're in the area on October 7th make sure you to make it to their 1st anniversary with Jazzanova - 

JKriv & Lou Teti - Elisco (Leftside Wobble Mix) by Leftside Wobble

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Odyssey - Lonely Star

My contribution to the Odyssey remix project takes it's influences from early house music and in particular a track called The Morning After by Fallout (Tommy Musto & Frankie Bones). I always loved the way that track mixed organic sounds with  electronic timbres to devastating effect and it seemed to perfect approach for Lonely Star (with it's lush string arrangements). It mightn't be for the disco traditionalists but for those who like some disco elements mixed into their deep house it'll be forthcoming as both a single and on the 'Return Flight' remix album (the launch party for which happens at the Queen of Hoxton in London on September 3rd).

I'll be playing at the launch party alongside the likes of Ashley Beedle, Ray Mang, Yam Who! & PBR Streetgang (all of whom have contributed to the remix project) - - so looking like a damn fine evening.

Quick thanks out to those that came to Vintage Festival on Friday, what an epic day/night - and boy did that disco terrace rock! If you're around this weekend I'm playing at The Big Chill (in an authentic Juke Joint!) on Saturday with Ashley Beedle (the same venue features sets from Steve Kotey & Toby Tobias on the Friday and the Unabombers & The Cosmic Truth on the Sunday!).

Odyssey - Lonely Star (Leftside Wobble Mix) by Leftside Wobble

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

SOS Orchestra - Faded Lady

This Friday I'm playing a set in sync with the setting sun at Vintage festival on the 5th floor of the Southbank Centre. The space includes a balcony overlooking the Thames so I thought it would be apt edit a couple of sweet soul gems for the event.

I first became aware of Faded Lady through the Dusty Fingers series of albums (collections of original breaks and such like) but then last year BBE put it out on a 7" to help promote the  Strange Games 5 album. Such a sweet track but it's over before it's begun so a little extension seemed in order.

I can't enable downloads directly on this one seeing as it was a recent release but for those who really want a copy leave a request in the comments.

Enjoy, and hopefully I'll see a few of you at Vintage on Friday.

SSO Orchestra - Faded Lady (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

In Todd We Trust

This friday see's Todd Terje playing in London at the Cosmic Boogie/Big In Japan promoted event at the Queen Of Hoxton - - Really wish I was in town for this but alas my travels take me elsewhere. So in support I thought I'd have a dig through my collection of various Terje edits, remixes & productions to present a retrospective of some of my favourite Todd moments.

Definitely going to be playing one or two of these at next weeks Vintage festival - - where I'm playing alongside Greg Wilson, Disco Bloodbath & Disco Deviance (Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco).

Also thought I'd get a quick plug in for my Cosmic Boogie 12" which has spent most of the month riding high in the vinyl charts at Juno (thank you so much!) -

As ever hope you enjoy the mix. x


Willow Band - Willowman (Todd Terje Edit)
Claudja Barry - I Wanna Dance (TangoTerge Edit)
Michael Jackson - Can't Help It (TangoTerje Edit)
Paul Simon - Diamonds (Todd Terje Dub)
Crusaders - My Lady (TangoTerje Edit)
Kaoru Inoue - The Secret Field (Todd Terje Remix)
Dolle Jolle - Balearic Incarnation (Todd Terje Remix)
Chaz Jankel - Glad To Know You (Todd Terje Edit)
Chic - I Want Your Love (Todd Terje Edit)
America - Horse With Know Name (Todd Terje Edit)

In Todd We Trust by Leftside Wobble

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Acid Soul 6

This is probably my favourite of the Acid Soul series so far. Featuring a selection of deep, dirty groovers from recent months, with a smattering of classics for good measure too. Thanks must go out to the fine folks of the DJ History forum for prompting me to dig out Maurice Fulton's mix of Alice Smith - forgot just how good that record is.

A couple of DJ bits for this weekend. This Friday I'm back at Big In Japan at The Book Club in Shoreditch - - (I'll be there every month from this point forward as I love it so much I've decided to make Big In Japan my East London residency). On Saturday I'm playing at an invite only number in West London - always a killer party that goes right through the night so if you're going to be in the area on Saturday mail me at for details and I'll add you to the guest list.

Also Paper Recordings have asked me to mention that the latest Proviant Audio single (includes the LW remix as well as mixes from Ralph Myers & Flash Atkins) has just hit Juno Download -


Transatlantic Disco Alliance - Happiness On A Leash
Mountaineer -  Always Coming Home (Tuff Kids Remix)
Semtek - West Acyd Shelter
Art Department - We Call Love
Josh T - Whatever
Rudy's Midnight Machine - East Side Good Living
The Rhythm Odyssey - Right On Up (Version Basement)
Telonius - Last Night
Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo - I Exist Because of You
Ame & Amampondo - Ku Kanjani
Murphy Jax - It's The Music
Maceo Plex - Vibe Your Love
Alice Smith - Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton Mix)
B-Jam - Love It
Free School - Ranting & Raving (Time & Space Machine Mix)

Leftside Wobble - Acid Soul 6 by Leftside Wobble

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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Stand On The Word

I put this together for this Friday's set at Stretch Disco in Manchester - - mainly because over the years this has become a rather special record on the Manchester club scene. I realise that I'm stepping down a well trodden path with this but I've never had a problem with re-editing classics as long as I feel I'm bringing something new to the party.

In recent years most people have become familiar with either the classic Larry Levan mix, the wonky dubbed out Hot Coins (Red Rack'em) version, or the stompy remake by Luke Unabomber. This edit is based on the original mix (which is still my favourite version of the track) and features some of the best piano/hammond interaction I've heard on a club record. It still brings a smile to my face that a gospel record has become such a big track amongst the 'chemically influenced', but it's the raw spirituality of it's groove that makes it so uplifting.

Incidentally the management of Band On The Wall have kindly given me an unlimited £5 concession list for Stretch Disco this friday. If your thinking of coming on Friday drop a mail with the names you need to - the advanced tickets have been selling well so make sure to get your list in ASAP.

Hope you like the edit and hopefully see some of you this Friday in Manchester

Stand On The Word (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

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Monday, 30 May 2011

Gil Scott-Heron - Space Shuttle (Leftside Wobble Edit)

It was great to witness the outpouring of love and respect for Gil Scott-Heron over the weekend.

A true innovator and inspiration to so many, I wanted something to play out over the weekend and came across this forgotten classic whilst digging through the collection.

Even though it has very little to do with Gil Scott-Herons usual production style being a house track (produced by Paul Waller) built on a selection of samples from classic records including Mr Fingers 'Can You Feel It', 808 State's "Pacific State' and vocal snippets from First Choice's "Let No Man Put Asunder', there's a rawness to the production that's totally fitting to Gil Scott-Herons apocalyptic tale.

Gil Scott-Heron - Space Shuttle (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I Wanna Be With You

This was going to be the flip side of my Odyssey edit which will see the light of day very shortly on a Cosmic Boogie 12" but we've decided to give it away for a couple of reasons (another of my recent edits will now feature on the flip side). Firstly Harvey released an edit of this last year on Pacific Beach Records (and to own it will cost you a whopping $18!) but more importantly, I hit 400,000 plays this week on SoundCloud so I wanted something special to give away.

Hope you like. x

- Download WAV -

Doc Severinsen - I Wanna Be With You (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

Monday, 23 May 2011

Love Groove

Re-grooved version of a Cerrone classic that builds, twists & undulates over the course of it's near nine minute journey. In many ways this was the prototype for House music but using real musicians rather than machines. A simple infectious groove that gets under your skin and builds towards a stunning sax laden crescendo towards the close. Can't wait to drop this on Friday at Big in Japan @ The Book Club -

A quick reminder on DJ bookings. My UK & European bookings are handled by Futureboogie and they can be contacted through . I'm in the process of sorting out a US agent but in the meantime you can contact me directly for Stateside bookings -

Leftside Wobble - Love Groove by Leftside Wobble

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ain't No Love Lost

Patti Jo to my knowledge only made two tracks but oh what tracks they were. Both were written and produced by Curtis Mayfield and have been staples in my sets for many years. 'Make Me Believe In You' is the better known of the two (the Tom Moulton mix is one of his finest) but Ain't No Love Lost, released the year before in 1972 is just as strong and if anything has even better arrangements. Can't believe it's taken me this long to give it a LW re-spin! As ever this may see the light of day over the summer as a limited release but has mainly been put together for my forthcoming sets.

A quick reminder of some forthcoming DJ dates:

May 27th - Big In Japan @ The Book Club -
June 10th - Stretch Disco @ Band On The Wall (Manchester) -
June 11th - The now legendary canal parties return to the (not so secret anymore) West London water-side venue for the summer season - this one features Sancho Panza, Stuart Patterson, Size Doesn't Matter and my good self.

Ain't No Love Lost (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

Who Is He, And What IsHe To You

Much as I love the Creative Source version of this track, it's the Bill Withers original that rocks me most. As ever the edit's something I've primarily put together for my forthcoming sets, but that may see a limited release some time in the future.

One forthcoming date for the diary. On Friday 27th May, I return to Big In Japan at the Book Club in Shoreditch. Really looking forward to this one as I'm playing alongside Touchsoul, someone I first met through Soundcloud (always good to meet your virtual mates in person). More details @

Who Is He & What Is He To You (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Proviant Audio Remix

Probably the most left-field track I've been involved in for a while. This one's a dark Balearic disco chugger that's heavily influenced as much by old school Weatherall productions as the mid tempo grooves Cottam has been releasing over the last year or so. Most definitely music of the late night/early hours variety!

It's released on Paper Recordings on June 7th with other mixes on the package coming from Ralph Myerz & Flash Atkins (promos are due to drop now for those on the Paper list). If you haven't already heard the album it's taken from, check it out @ - it's one of the most original albums I've heard so far this year.

Proviant Audio - Slutten Pa Alt (Leftside Wobble Mix) by Leftside Wobble

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Friendly Pressure

My favourite mix of Jhelisa's 'Friendly Pressure' beefed up and rearranged in time for those sun drenched days ahead. Hopefully seeing a limited vinyl release some time soon.

Friendly Pressure (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Still Goin On

This is very much in the same vein as Grapevine Boogie in that it takes the familiar and sets it in an unfamiliar place. It was put together for this years Vintage festival (proud to have been asked to play in the Greg Wilson / Jack Hemingway curated space called The Studio) which is happening in July on the South Bank.

Daptones style rhythm production meets sweet eighties vocals in a detroit warehouse!

As ever, really hope you like and hopefully see some of you this Sunday for the Disco Deviance/Discovery Easter jam at the Horse & Groom in East London -

Leftside Wobble - Still Goin' On by Leftside Wobble

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Acid Soul part 5

Having taken a look back in the archive I realised that it's been over 6 months since the last installment of Acid Soul, so here goes with part 5 (part 6 will follow next week).

For those of you waiting for the Cry Me A River release it's finally available through Traxsource -

And an advanced date for the diaries because the tickets are flying out the door on this one. I'm playing alongside Dicky Trisco, Pete Herbert & the mighty Bicep boys on Easter Sunday at the Horse & Groom all day and nighter. Further details from

Acid Soul 5 by Leftside Wobble

- Download MP3 -


Roberto Rodriguez - Has Been
Isoul8 & Marc De Clive Lowe - Stop Bajon
Midnight Savari - Pinisi
Jay Shepheard - A Sopot Connection
Native Underground - Push 4 Love (Son Of Sound Dub)
Alphabet City - Love (Toby Tobias Mix)
Haggis Horns - Traveller Prt 2 (PBR Streetgang Mix)
PPF - Party Over Here
Combo - County Girl (Leftside Wobble Edit)
Yuki Suzuki - We Don't Have Much Time (Neville Watson Dub)
Jay Shepheard - Liberal Zee (Leftside Wobble Edit)
KRL - Chase
Dirty Jesus - Don't Fuck With My Shit
Curtis Mayfield - Love Me (Hunee Edit)
The Cosmic Kids - Reginald's Groove
Azari & III - Reckless (Neville Watson Mix)
Moodymanc - Black Paint (Larry Heard Mix)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Odyssey - Easy Come, Easy Go

On Saturday March 5th, 70’s New York Disco legends Odyssey head to East London to play a very special intimate live show in the basement of the Queen of Hoxton to mark the venues 2nd birthday celebrations. On the evening I'll be playing alongside a top class line up including Yam Who, Cosmic Boogie & Soft Rocks. Full details at all the usual digital watering holes including:


To support the event I've put together an exclusive edit of a lesser known Odyssey classic which will be given away on the night. As ever hope you like.

And just found out the lovely folks at Sloth Boogie are doing a ticket giveaway for the evening. Details at

Odyssey - Easy Come, Easy Go (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Trax Re-edited

The DJ History curated Trax Re-Edited compilation finally see's the light of day next Monday on Harmless Records and is shaping up to be one of DJ History's biggest release's to date. In honour, I've put together a 30 minute mix featuring 8 of the 21 tracks from the compilation that show off the diversity of material on the album - some raw, some smooth but all pure 'jack trax'.

Both CD & (Limited Edition) Vinyl are available from DJ History but you can buy the CD from pretty much anywhere including Amazon where I've seen it listed for a ridiculously low £7


Robert Owens - Bring Down The Walls (Leo Zero Re-Edit)
Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk - Farley Knows House (PPF Jack For Daze Dub)
Adonis - We're Rockin' Down The House (Toby Tobias & Hardway Bros Re-Edit)
Mr Fingers - Washing Machine (Swags Ariston Re-Edit)
Master C&J - Face It (Leftside Wobble Re-Edit)
Jack Frost - Clap Me (Kink Cover Version)
Virgo 4 - Take Me Higher (Ray Mang Re-Edit)
Jamie Principle - Waiting On My Angel (Leftside Wobble Re-Edit)

- Download Mp3 -

Trax Re-Edit Flavours by Leftside Wobble

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Inner Life - Ain't No Mountain (Leftside Wobble Late Night Dub)

First edit of 2011 (I know, I've been a bit slack of late!). This ones an alternative spin on the Patrick Adams produced Jocelyn Brown classic. 9 minutes of dubbed up late night disco shenanigans. Hopefully you'll approve...

A couple of DJ bits for the diary too. For any followers in Florida, I'm playing a maiden set of Chicago house meets disco at the Electric Pickle in Miami tomorrow night (Friday 21st Jan - ) and then from Sunday through till Wednesday I'm be doing a bit of a Cafe Del Mar number poolside at the Fontainebleau on Miami Beach. On my return to UK you can catch me at Stereo Sleaze in Shoreditch on Saturday 29th Jan -

Till next time. x

- Download WAV -

Inner Life - Ain't No Mountain (Leftside Wobble Late Night Dub) by Leftside Wobble