Tuesday, 26 July 2011

SOS Orchestra - Faded Lady

This Friday I'm playing a set in sync with the setting sun at Vintage festival on the 5th floor of the Southbank Centre. The space includes a balcony overlooking the Thames so I thought it would be apt edit a couple of sweet soul gems for the event.

I first became aware of Faded Lady through the Dusty Fingers series of albums (collections of original breaks and such like) but then last year BBE put it out on a 7" to help promote the  Strange Games 5 album. Such a sweet track but it's over before it's begun so a little extension seemed in order.

I can't enable downloads directly on this one seeing as it was a recent release but for those who really want a copy leave a request in the comments.

Enjoy, and hopefully I'll see a few of you at Vintage on Friday.


SSO Orchestra - Faded Lady (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble