Thursday, 22 October 2009

Electric Influences part 1

A selection of Electro/Italo tracks that got me into DJing in the first place. I remember at the time funding my record buying habit by making tapes for school mates and charging them 50p for each import single and 25p for each British one. How else was teenage schoolboy going to afford all those exotic records he was falling in love with listening to pirate radio!

I've also stuck a couple of contemporary tracks in the mix that wear their electro influences firmly on their sleeves for comparison. Really enjoyed putting this one together. J x

n.b. One of the tracks included is The Beat Club's Security, the first single signed to Rob Gretton's (former New Order manager) Rob's Records, the label one half of the Disco Outcasts (Sefano) was signed to for many years. Reason I mention it, I'm guesting at the Disco Outcasts Halloween special on October 31st. If you fancy a trip to Manchester that weekend it's sure to be stormer. More info @


Newcleus - Automan (Dub Mix)
Craig Peyton - Be Thankful
The Earons - Land Of Hunger
The Extra T's - ET Boogie
Starlight - Dance To The Beat
Man Parrish - Hip Hop, Be Bop
Hedford Vachal - Alan Vs Gary
COD - In The Bottle
Tyrone Brunson - The Smurf
Nairobi & The Awesome Foursome - Funky Soul Makossa
Dynamix II - Just Give The DJ A Break
The Beat Club - Security
Morgan Geist - Lullaby
Downtown Party Network - Into Your Face
Laid Back - White Horse
Klein & MBO - Wonderful
Cybotron - Clear
Logo - La Vie Moderne
Kebekelektrik - Wardance

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Electric Influences part 1-320K by Leftside Wobble

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

SoundCloud a tad rubbish at the moment

Soundcloud is a tad rubbish at the moment, normal service should resume soon - I very much hope!

UPDATE - Things appear to be back to normal now, so you should be able to download at the usual speedy pace.  :)

They're launching a new version next week which should hopefully improve things further.

J x

Monday, 12 October 2009

Radiohead - Reckoner (Leftside Wobble Off-World Excursion)

Aimed more at those otherworldly sunset moments than the dance floor, this one's a full on Balearica experience.

As ever, hope you enjoy.

J x

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Radiohead - Reckoner (Leftside Wobble Off-World Excursion)-320K by Leftside Wobble