Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Stand On The Word

I put this together for this Friday's set at Stretch Disco in Manchester - http://tinyurl.com/63wu6na - mainly because over the years this has become a rather special record on the Manchester club scene. I realise that I'm stepping down a well trodden path with this but I've never had a problem with re-editing classics as long as I feel I'm bringing something new to the party.

In recent years most people have become familiar with either the classic Larry Levan mix, the wonky dubbed out Hot Coins (Red Rack'em) version, or the stompy remake by Luke Unabomber. This edit is based on the original mix (which is still my favourite version of the track) and features some of the best piano/hammond interaction I've heard on a club record. It still brings a smile to my face that a gospel record has become such a big track amongst the 'chemically influenced', but it's the raw spirituality of it's groove that makes it so uplifting.

Incidentally the management of Band On The Wall have kindly given me an unlimited £5 concession list for Stretch Disco this friday. If your thinking of coming on Friday drop a mail with the names you need to stretchdisco@hotmail.co.uk - the advanced tickets have been selling well so make sure to get your list in ASAP.

Hope you like the edit and hopefully see some of you this Friday in Manchester

Stand On The Word (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

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