Friday, 5 June 2009

Dub Disco Deli part 7

From Mark Very Disco's expert handling of Bobby Rush's Louisiana funk to a rare US remix of Yazoo via Django The Bastards Mexican mash-up and Mr Flagio's Italo classic, this instalment of Dub Disco Deli is a whirlwind tour of good grooves; short and sweet to be sure but good while it lasts.


Bobby Rush - I Wanna Do The Do (MVD's Swamp Funk Edit)
Morton Sorenson - Start Something
Django The Bastard - The Revenge Of El Santoro
Marious - Disco Drummer
Mr Flagio - Take A Chance (Instrumental)
Onur Engin - We Be Groovin (Instrumental Mix)
Erik Rug feat Dynamix - Tribute (Extended Disco Mix)
Toby Tobias - Azul Blue
Yazoo - Situation (US 12" Mix)

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