Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Red Light District - Friday 12th October at The Supperclub

Supperclub presents every friday, you know by now, a lethal cocktail of exceptional live entertainment and incredible both during and after our (ir)regular four course surprise menu. and this friday is no exception as we bring you leftside wobble, joining the dots between dub, funk, disco & house with no specific genres, eras, musical fads or other such BS. just a celebration of grooves that tickle your hips and soothe your soul. check them out... http://leftside-wobble.blogspot.com/ and we’ll also be joined by sophie lloyd, musical genius and megababe spinning disco and house mining only the finest melodic seams. musical flexibility and the ability to read a crowd whatever the situation is her key, from clubs and festivals to exclusive villa parties, her taste is unparalleled make sure you have a listen, you will not be disappointed. http://soundcloud.com/sophie-lloyd