Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Acid Soul 10

Acid Soul reaches 10 and to celebrate this latest edition is a full 3 hours worth of dot joining, funk fuelled, dance floor deepness. Hear a similar flavour live in the coming weeks at:

11th April, Otto Istanbul:
19th April, Bionic London:
20th April, Soulshare presents.. Birmingham:
26th April, Big In Japan London (with DFA's Nancy Wang no less):
5th May, Eclectic Discotech Brighton:


- Mary Madeleine: Love Suicide (Acid Arab Mix)
- Mr Beatnick: Parallax Scroll
- Kid Sublime: Afrofunkrhythm
- Mirrors: Dip You
- Akabu: Everybody Wants Something (Warehouse Mix)
- The White Lamp: Make It Good
- Foals: Late Night (Sasha Involv3r Remix)
- Rhythm Plate: Lean (Atjazz Mix)
- Stereofysh: Wannado
- Headless Ghost: Basik Fire
- Dusky: What I Never Knew
- OCH: Whalesong
- GSM: Tell Me What It Is (Matthew Bandy Mix)
- Gregory Porter: 1960 What? (Kick & Bass ReRub)
- Jimpster: These Times (Dixon Rework)
- Real Connoisseur: Faux De Baux
- Unknown: I Lost My Shoes On Acid
- Owiny Sigoma Band: Nyiduonge Drums
- Omar S: Rewind
- Black Sauce: Abigail (Andreas Saag Mix)
- Drop Out Orchestra: Day Vague
- Arthur's Landing: Miracle 2 (Strutt Mix)
- Pez: Stupid
- Soul Clap: Dreams Of Tomorrow
- Greg Wilson: Blue Angel
- Volta Cab: Always In The Place (Session Victim Mix)
- The Groovers: Where You Belong
- Haules Baules: Creeper
- Bufi & La Royale: Paris
- Larse: Dynamic Duo
- Sonns: On My Mind
- The Cosmologist: Keep It Up