Thursday, 8 August 2013

'Headphone Holiday' memory

The Queen of Hoxton asked me for a holiday memory ahead of my gig there this Saturday with Norman Jay and this is what I wrote:

"The first time I went on holiday to America was in 1976 (I was eight years old). At the time I remember being more than a tad jealous of my cousin because he owned the very first 'boom box / ghetto blaster' I'd ever encountered (if memory serves right it was made by Marantz). We took this thing everywhere but my best memory was of going to Red Rock Amphitheatre in Colorado (just for the spectacle of the place, nobody was playing that day) and blasting ELO's Evil Woman out of the thing over and over again. And now nearly 40 years down the line, Evil Woman has become a staple for me when playing at festivals and such like (Inner West Soul did a cracking re-edit a few years back) and everytime I play it I'm transported back to that moment at Red Rock when I was eight."

They're down to the final 9 tickets so if fancy an afternoon in the sunshine with great music go grab em' here -